Top Three Reasons To Pursue Education in Nursing In Spite of theChanging Demands for Nurses

The early 1990's was when the world has started donning the white garment. Everywhere you go, every school you enroll in, Medical courses are in demand. Among these courses are Physical Therapist, Medical Technologist and of course the most popular of them all Nursing. Men and women alike are getting into the "chance to go abroad" course. Even schools which didn't have Medical Allied courses before already went and jumped into the band wagon. Going to the United States, Europe and Canada, earn dollars and earn it easily, chance to migrate and bring their families along with them are the most popular reasons why students chose nursing course. Even doctors of medicine changed their course to nursing which caused a lot of eyebrows to raise.

Two decades after, it is still the most in-demand course and the highest course enrolled in, alongside Information Technology particularly in the Philippines. But the big question is, are the popular reasons before still viable today? There are reports that Nursing is not anymore in demand as they used to. They say that there's now an oversupply of nurses all over the world. But in spite all of these negative reports, let's take a look at why there are still a great number of students taking-up nursing and why they're not giving up on their dreams.

Survey says.....!

Nursing is always included in the TOP BEST Careers in the next ten years. It is also one of the fastest growing jobs in the next decade. A huge factor for this is the number of old versus young population. In countries like Canada, England and Denmark the average number of children per family is one or two. Seldom will you find a family with three or more kids. These countries including Japan and China are considered in need of medical practitioners because their population concentration is 45 and above.

Pay rate

The job of a nurse is not easy. They are on their toes eight sometimes ten hours a day. They could be assigned in morning shifts as well as night or better known today as graveyard shifts. They deal with human lives. They care for the sick and are often exposed to diseases and other "humanly" stuff that others wouldn't dare touch. It is because of these reasons the hourly rate of a nurse is higher than other office or corporate jobs. Their weekends are most of the time sacrificed and even their family lives are uncertain. Because of the economic down-turn and other financial factors, a lot of people now are willing to give-up some good things in life to better provide for their families and later on enjoy their savings.

The great migration

Another great factor why people are choosing nursing as their career is the great opportunity to go and live in another country. This is true to some extent. There are now thousands of nurses, male and female, in Canada, the United States, England, Ireland, Switzerland, Australia, Japan and Singapore. Countries like Denmark and Korea are also starting to recruit nurses from different parts of the world, especially Asian countries. But it should always put to mind that there are a lot of criteria before a nurse can be accepted abroad. It's better to check these requirements before doing or committing to anything.

Nursing is still in demand and will continue to be on top of the market. But because a lot of people in all walks of life have already recognized its potential and value, the competition became tighter and getting a good career out of it became harder than it used to be. The reasons above are valid. It is man's nature to think about his future and provide a better life for his family. But nursing as a career needs passion and commitment. It deals with human lives and it's something which is not to be taken lightly. Besides, if you really have the heart for helping people, it will manifest in your grades, in your exams and in your interviews that will take you to a good nursing career.

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